Introducing Burst IPA!


6.5% ABV | 65 IBU

BURST IPA is an American East Coast IPA with a global taste profile. Copious amounts of summer sweet delicious Valencia Orange zest (66 pounds per batch!) blended with an English Ale yeast give this IPA maximum hop flavor and aroma without being overly bitter. Classic grains and specialty malts harmonize with quintessential and experimental hops to express a unique and modern IPA that balances drinkability with tradition. Available exclusively in limited can releases. Be part of our long history of independent brewing with this first canned beer.

"Aiming for that New England IPA style by fermenting with an English ale strain and keeping a bit of haze, this beer ends up being pretty damn delicious." - BeerAdvocate

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Mandarina Bavaria: distinct citrus flavor
Centennial: citrus and floral
Citra: citrus and tropical fruit
Cascade: floral and citrus
Warrior: mild resinous and subtle pine


Pilsen: clean and crisp
Caramel: lightly sweet and caramel flavors
Munich: nutty and biscuity


To the nation of Hopheads we proudly present our second batch of Burst Valencia Orange India Pale Ale! Tweaked slightly to soften the bitterness and pump up the juiciness, it is delicious, refreshing, and full of that lupulin glory you so crave. 

Score Burst IPA at many stores including (until sold out):

Savemore Beverage Center, Clifton Park, NY

Minogue's Beverage Center, Queensbury, NY 

Glenville Beverages, Glenville, NY 

Hoosick Street Beverages, Troy, NY

Latham Beverage Center, Latham, NY

Albany Beverage Center, Guilderland, NY

Delmar Beverage Center, Delmar, NY

Colonie Beverage, Albany, NY

Troy Discount Beverage, Troy, NY

Schanz Beverage Center, Watervliet, NY

Beverage Mart, Wynantskill, NY



Minogue's Beverage Center, Malta, NY

Oliver's Beverage, Albany, NY 

Minogue's Beverage Center, Saratoga, NY

Minogue's Beverage Center, Wilton, NY

Eddy's Beverage Inc, Saratoga Springs, NY

Westmere Beverage Center, Albany, NY

Thruway Beverages, Greenwich, NY

Beer Universe, Albany, NY

Bennington Beverage Outlet, Bennington, VT

The Beverage Den, Bennington, VT

Rapid Liquors, Stoneham, MA

Or simply stop in to our taprooms or visit us at the Troy Waterfront Farmer's Market. 


The idea for what was originally named "Valencia Orange IPA" came to us as a study in the use of citrus-forward (mostly American) hops. Many of these varieties have similar characteristics, but offer their own subtle nuances to impart a fuller impression as part of a collective blend. With the addition of actual orange zest, we weren't seeking to make a fruit beer, but rather use the zest to further emphasize the qualities of these hops. 
Variations on the recipe followed, tweaking principal elements, and in total, four batches were brewed in Troy. The color of the finished beer changed, from a lighter rendition in the beginning stages to an amber-hued ( version. We felt the small addition of caramel, Vienna, and Munich malts added a touch of sweet, bready character that complemented the hops well. Much of the hopping schedule moved towards the end of the boil (a technique known as hop "bursting" hence the name), increasing the juiciness of the hop aromas and flavor.
Finally, one of the other major alterations in the recipe was the selection of a different yeast strain. Having begun with a clean American yeast, we decided to switch to a quick-fermenting English strain that is known for its rich fruity esters of ripe pear and crisp apple.


As with any scale up, our first goal was to match the model recipe original gravity, thereby setting the ABV. To do this we must look at the total amount of extract (sugar) provided by the grist, adjusting the overall recipe size according to this total extract amount. After that, each malt amount is then adjusted to reflect the original recipe grist percentages. There were some minor changes made to the total extract amount and individual grist percentages knowing that in North Hoosick we see better extract yield and color development (brewhouse style differences). Using this newly scaled up grist bill in combination with same day, in-house brewing water analysis, we used brewing salts (Gypsum, Epsom Salt, and Calcium Chloride) to precisely adjust the mash pH and ion content to closely match Troy's, despite our vastly different brewing water profiles. 

For the bittering hops we used a formula to provide the same number of IBUs with each addition as Troy. For aroma hops and orange zest additions, we multiplied the amounts from the Troy recipe by ten to reflect the batch size differential. Lastly, we decided to add Citra to the final aroma hop addition to help round out the American hop flavor profile and accentuate the zest character.

We ordered a specialty batch of fruity, top fermenting yeast for this beer and fermented it in an upright tank (instead of the open tops) to better contain hop, yeast, and zest aromatics and to drive fermentation to completion as best we could for a drier, crisper finish. We made special efforts to upgrade our aeration system for this batch, modifying the plumbing and changing the source gas for better dissolved oxygen control.

Lastly, we will centrifuge this batch down to a desired level of haziness for the style while removing hop and zest particles, preventing them from making it into our cans and ensuring a prolonged shelf life.

Brew great beer. Can great beer. Drink great beer.  Welcome Burst IPA!