June 19, 2017

Trivia Night – Mondays

Cure your case of the Mondays! Steve Murray tests your knowledge of the universe during Monday night trivia at 7:30 pm upstairs in the Troy Taproom. Excellent giveaways awarded weekly and, in addition, one Club Brown’s mug club membership is given away the last Monday of the month. Must be present to win. Reservations taken (518-273-BEER). Runs all year except on major holidays including Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and our staff party on January 14th.
June 20, 2017

Update – 6/20/17

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year and, traditionally, a time for great celebration. Winter is over and light has returned. Pay homage to the bountiful glory of the sun by joining us for our own summer solstice celebration as we unveil the 2017 edition of Burst IPA!  On sale at high noon on June 24th from both our Troy and Walloomsac Taprooms and the Troy Waterfront Farmer’s Market. Cheers to endless summer days!
August 11, 2017

Update – 8/11/17

The air just feels different these days. Maybe it’s the impending partial lunar eclipse or just summer’s subtle diminution to autumn. Whatever it is, it is truly beautiful out and these past few days have felt incredible. In speaking of awesome days, on Friday, August 4 we had the honor of packaging a true Brown’s Brewing Company classic. For the first time, Brown’s Brown Ale is available in a can. Born from years of R&D in our Troy Taproom and Brewery, this iteration is a blend of Northern and Southern traditional English Brown Ales, full of caramel righteousness, brilliant dark fruit flavors, and a little softer on the palate while being entirely crushable. Brown’s Brown Ale is delicious at 4.2% ABV with very low bitterness. An exceptional beer to share with friends late into the early autumn late evenings, sitting around the campfire, on the porch, or along the shoreline. Cheers.
September 20, 2017

Update – 9/20/2017

Intonation Double IPA is our next Revolution Series release. All of the beers in the Revolution series are limited in production, Intonation is very limited, so to ensure you're ability to secure a four-pack of this supremely drinkable lupulin bomb we're hosting a one of a kind pre-release sale. Before Intonation hits the shelves we're encouraging you to join us, Saturday, September 30th in the R&D Brewery in Troy at 10:30 am by purchasing a ticket that provides you with the following: 1. One four-pack of Intonation Double IPA ($14.99 value). 2. One can for drinking with us while you hang out in the R&D brewery ($7.50 value for the can, the camaraderie: priceless) 3. The opportunity to meet the brewers behind Intonation and share a beer with them. 4. The option of purchasing up to an additional two cases on Intonation DIPA. 5. Artisan cheeses for snacking (also some carrot cake, the ideal IPA complement) to enjoy while drinking this remarkable beer. 6. Giveaways. Who doesn't love a giveaway? 7. The prestige of being among the first ever to enjoy this first release. The pre-sale is limited to 40 tickets. Tickets must be presented to receive your package.
November 3, 2017

Update – 11/3/17

Why independence? As brewers and small business operators, we’ve always carved our own course for no other reason than for the love of the liquid. That purity of four ingredients of the earth are what inspire us everyday to stand on our own, to strive to make the best product and be proud of how we spent our day. As brewers, the Take Craft Back movement is as important to our way of life as much as it is to our livelihood. It’s no secret that big beer is reliant on nudging out small producers by purchasing them. This note is about survival, about staying relevant and pushing our personal and company wide intentions to the highest level possible.  Our goal has always been: Make the best liquid, put out the very best menu, make people crave seeing us, dining with us, and drinking with us. It is Brown’s aim to put the “cult” back in craft beer culture. So that’s why we’re fiercely independent and will forever remain so. We support wholeheartedly the Take Craft Back efforts. Cheers.
November 21, 2017

Update – 11/21/17

This time of year we are very thankful for hoppy hearts, cold beer, raucous loud cheer, and of course all of you. From our brew houses, taprooms, and offices, we wish you nothing short of the finest of hearty helpings of perfected meals with your best pals, loved ones, pets, and partners, accompanied by our hand crafted beer. While you’re out traveling to and from you holiday adventures, remember you’re always welcome in our taprooms. We know that these times are not always for everyone, so we’ll be here pouring something fresh, delightful, and glorious for you to soothe whatever needs attention.  Though we’ll be closed on Thanksgiving day, we will be open on Brown Friday to help you avoid the big box freak show. Cheers to all of you and happy Thanksgiving.
December 21, 2017

Update – 12/21/17

Cheers! While this time of year is chilly for us in the Northeast, it’s nevertheless lovely with the glistening snow and shimmering icicles hanging off the hop poles, grain silos, and steam stacks. While we have a lot of incredible, exciting, and delicious new things in store for 2018, we want to take this moment to recognize and show gratitude to all of you for a continued year of patronage, camaraderie, and support. We are humbled by you choosing to drink and dine with us all year long. Seeing you and raising a pint with you reminds us that the world is not as dangerous, hateful, or cruel a place as it's made out to be. You keep us going, and you inspire us to make the best liquid and meals possible. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

May only the freshest of hops and the sweetest of malts be with you all year!

Always, Brown’s Brewing Co.

March 30, 2018

Update – 3/30/18

A poignant image from the first packaging run of Krüsh Golden Lager. The lone upside down can among a run of 16,250 captured by brewer Duncan MacCrea encapsulates what it is like to be working and creating in craft beer. Within a massively crowded industry, nothing truly matters aside from the end result: the consumer and their experience. Krüsh is a new beer, a beautiful crisp golden lager that was dry hopped with Citra hops to impart our desired flavor profile. However we made it is somewhat irrelevant because in the end it’s still liquid contained in a vessel crafted for you to enjoy and use to celebrate a moment in your day. For us however, it’s so much more than that. This image tells a story, frankly ours. It provides a glimpse into our way of doing things and our way of life. That can resembles us, behaving, brewing, and acting on our own terms. That upside down can also represents our fellow craft brewers, all 7,000 +. It even represents current society where some folks are finding their voice. That upside down can says everything. It is everything that it means to be independent. It is everything that it means to be a visionary. Here is a heartfelt toast to that single can that is the core of Brown’s Brewing Company.