May 20, 2015

Troy Brewers’ Blog #1

Welcome to the Brown’s Brewing Co. Brewers’ Blog! We plan on utilizing this space to keep everyone informed on all things brewing, ranging from new beer release dates to small batch experiments that we are working on here in our Troy, NY brewpub. We plan on updating this regularly and will be interacting as much as possible throughout the brew day, so please feel free to comment and leave us feedback on the beers, questions about our breweries, the brewing process, and what we are up to here at Brown’s. We want to hear from you! New Beer! Winter is finally over and we are really looking forward to the warmer months. We have a number of beers that will debut for the first time this summer, along with some oldies but goodies. This list is more of a teaser, we will be following up each of these with a more in-depth description including a release date and photos. Session IPA: A return offering from last year, featuring a new host of hops including Azacca, Sorachi Ace, and Cascade. (4.8% and 50 IBUs) English Summer Ale: New to the Taproom, this beer will be an easy drinker, blonde in color with a mellow fruity character from the English yeast, finished with Earl Grey tea. (5.0% and 15 IBUs) Saison: This one will be quite different from last year’s rendition. Utilizing five different grains and three yeast strains (one wild), this will be a dry and complex beer perfect as a summer quencher. (6.25% and 20 IBUs) Wild Wheat: Another new beer to the summer lineup. This beer focuses on fruity characters balanced by “rustic” undertones from a secondary fermentation with wild yeast. (5.75% and 10 IBUs) Iron Horse IPA: A yearly brew made in conjunction with the ALES for ALS Foundation, featuring a blend of seven different hops (Equinox, Mosaic, and five experimental varietals). An unholy lupulin assault, expect bracing fruit and citrus flavors. (6.25% and 60 IBUs) Want to know more about some of the styles or techniques and ideas behind the beers? Let us know! We are happy to answer any and all questions and comments you may have. Also, stay tuned for more information about our budding sour beer and barrel aged program! Cheers! Lee and Dan Troy Brew Team
April 28, 2017

Update – 4/28/17

Our Troy Taproom deck is open, the Walloomsac River in North Hoosick is rushing, buds are cracking the surface - warm weather is at long last here. As we have many things to share, here's a very quick highlight of what to look out for in the next week from Brown's Brewing Company.

Braggoting Rights (12% ABV, 15 IBU, Color: Amber)
We've made an extremely rare libation called a Braggot, a type of mead made from honey and barley malt, in collaboration with Helderberg Meadworks. We're all so very excited about this cross-industry (beer and wine) project and we can't wait to share it with you.  It'll be on tap within the week.

The "braggot" is a blend of mead and beer aged over ninth months in oak. It is rich in it's complexity, with bright flavors of warm floral honey, and fruity white wine aromas and oak undertones. Lightly tart, expect little to no foam as you would a mead or wine.

"Collaborations are becoming a dime a dozen but no one I know of is doing cross-industry collaborations (mead falls in the wine industry).  How awesome is that?!  That's why we get 'braggoting' rights" explained Duncan MacCrea, Walloomsac brewer.

MCA DAY - 5/6/2017
On Saturday, May 6th we pay tribute to another musical icon of our time, Beastie Boy's Adam Yauch a.k.a. MCA. MCA's untimely death was four years ago and while his genius lingers with the tapping of our Adidas sneakers to his beats and bouncing basketballs, we choose to celebrate his artistry and humanitarian efforts with an evening of old school hip hop, good vibes, street art, and hanging out. We'll have drink specials, a highlight of his favorite foods, and we'll build a small shrine in our taproom to acknowledge how much MCA enhanced our lives through the years. Join us as we kick things off around 5 pm. As the evening grows, so will the volume of the jams! See you Saturday, May 6th!

This weekend is the TAP New York Craft Beer and Food Festival.  If you're going, be safe and have an awesome time. Here's what we plan to pour for the hoards of craft beer fans: Coast to Coast IPA, Whiskey Porter, Cherry Razz, Oatmeal Stout, King Leopold's Ghost, Raspberry Sour, #Nameofthegame, Brewer's Reserve Sour - Blend #8, Eised Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (Saturday's cask), and Eised Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Brown (Sunday's cask). If you're sticking around Troy, our newest New England juice forward IPA, #Nameofthegame is on tap.