August 18, 2015

Troy Brewers’ Blog #3

We are brewing another new style today. Inspired by (and with respect to) the traditional Flanders Red, we will be calling the beer our American Sour Red. This is one of the more complex sour ales to emerge from centuries of experimentation with mixed fermentation (i.e. fermenting with common beer yeast as well as wild yeast—Brettanomyces—and lactic acid producing bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Pediococcus) in Belgium. A Flanders Red would very often undergo extended aging in used wine barrels. Revered beer connoisseur Michael Jackson referred to the style as the “Burgundy of Belgium.” Overall the beer exhibits the tartness of sour cherries, currants, and plums, with a solid malt backbone and spicy vanilla and chocolate notes. The depth of flavors should also bring out subtle notes of sherry and red wine vinegar.Today we brew the base beer that will later go into barrels for a long nap of at least 8-9 months. Alongside the bulk fermentation, we have filled four carboys to act as “starters” for the blend of yeast and bacteria spanning three separate yeast labs. These will be added to the barrels, having given the cultures a strong foundation and allowing for flavor diversity from one barrel to the next. Needless to say we are very excited about this beer, but with good sour beer comes great patience! Alongside the American Sour Red we have a few other offerings to report, thankfully they will be coming to the taps much sooner. Stay tuned for the release of a Scottish 70/- (Shilling) and Saison 3.0. The Scottish Ale will be light amber in color, malty sweet and clean, and served on nitro. The third iteration of our Saison series pairs a classic interpretation with a modern bite of fruity and spicy hops. Our classic Harvest IPA will also be returning in that time, with Oktoberfest and Pumpkin Ale shortly after on October 1st. Cheers to Fall beers! Lee and Dan